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Why Media Outlets Want Artisan News Service Content – Artisan News, ANS Entertainment – Music & Entertainment News

Why Media Outlets Want Artisan News Service Content

All our interviews, soundbites, and footage come white label. That means that our content in our packages will not have any signage, mic flags, watermarks or anything Artisan News related. That means you and your team can truly make our content your own. We are a B2B operation first. Production Packages – We offer production packages with all the elements needed so that your outlet has the tools it needs to increase production of your music and entertainment content.

Print outlets get text, high quality pictures, and video they can use in their online editions.

Radio outlets get easy to read rip-and-read text and soundbites that are edited and ready-to-air. Our content and news and can be used for daily updates, record release or tour specials, and any other content you can create.

TV gets broadcast quality soundbites, broll, easy to read text for on-air, and photos for storyboarding.  The interview and broll content can be used for daily news, concert calendars, and upcoming record releases.

Format specific content – Artisan News currently operates an “across the board” music service whereby we cover the music universe, but we also offer specialized, format-specific coverage. We specialize in Rock, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Active/Hard Rock, Pop Music, Hot AC, and with ability to focus on Urban, Country, EDM, and other formats according to need.

Customized or Non-Customized Produced News and Content:

For those who do not have production facilities and who want to outsource their music and entertainment news production Artisan News offers plenty of solutions. We can offer a low cost solution for you to have our produced video content on your outlet.

Also, we offer customizable solutions as well. We can produce our news specifically for your outlet.

Custom Watermarked Content – Artisan News Service offers our produced content white label, without a watermark, so we can put your outlet’s watermark on our produced content hosted by Artisan News’s on air and production talent. All you have to do is submit your watermark and let us do the rest.

Custom Hosted Content – Artisan News can also produce the piece with your voice talent AND watermark. Your voice talent would record the scripts that we provide, and we would produce them and add your watermark to those pieces and turn them around quickly for your on-air or online use.

Searchable and Immediate Access to Archives: We also offer on-demand services for our interview catalog; a searchable, online soundbite archive; a searchable online broll archive; and a story archive for creation of TV and radio specials to coincide with big tours and big album releases. Plus, you will have easy on-demand online access to any of our content to support your fast breaking news.

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