Artisan News Service was started by Darren Davis and others who believed in a one-stop shopping for celebrity-interview based music and entertainment news that can be delivered in a customized fashion. With one foot in old media and one foot in new media, the company was created for the widest possible distribution on B2B, B2C, and other platforms.also one of the innovators in the internet space providing outlets with artist actualities to embed into their stories and also to offer fully produced versions of our interview-centered news.

Starting off as a rock service, Artisan News Service expanded from Rock and Pop into covering Urban, Pop, Country, AAA, Hot AC, AC, EDM, and other forms of music. We provide 4 to 8 stories with interview actualities per day, most of which are fully produced. We also launched ANS Entertainment News providing news on hot movies and TV programs.

Artisan News is the public face of the company, operating in a more direct way with users of the Internet. We have provided our content to blabbermouth.net, NYpost.com, Blinkx.com, Dailymotion.com and our Artisan News Service website (artisannewsservice.com) which has now been redesigned and brought into a new domain (artisannews.com). An early proponent of Google Video and YouTube, we are the 4th leading news destination on YouTube, with 422,000,000 views lifetime on the channel – and we have had a greater distribution off that platform in years past.

Artisan News has become our public facing product that is generated by us and directly intended for the public.

However, our main bread and butter is servicing other outlets, and possibly your outlet, via Artisan News Service.

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